About Ian



Ian Campbell is an Arkansas-based artist and educator. He is Assistant Professor of Art at Lyon College, where he teaches Photography and Digital Art. Ian is also the Director of the Kresge Art Gallery at Lyon. He holds an MFA in Photography & Integrated Media from Ohio University and a BA from Wheaton College, Illinois. He also completed a semester-long student residency program at the New York Center for Art and Media Studies. Ian has shown his work in galleries, film festivals, publications, and conferences throughout the U.S. His recent accomplishments include exhibiting work in the 60th Annual Delta Exhibition and conducting an artist residency at the University of Notre Dame Environmental Research Center.

A native of Kansas City, Missouri, Ian spent much of his youth exploring the outdoors, often with a sketchbook or camera. His large family encouraged his interests in both Art and the Natural World. In college he began his ongoing fascination with photography, particularly traditional analog processes. Between college and graduate school, Ian held a series of unlikely jobs: working for a sculptor, making beaded bookmarks, washing windows, driving a taxi, and manufacturing radiation shielding for the nuclear power industry.

Ian joined the Lyon College Faculty in 2016. He is also an active member of the community. He served on the Board of Directors for the Batesville Area Arts Council, and is a member of the Arkansas Artists Registry and the Society for Photographic Education.